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MySpace+Flash Profile Editor FREE! (NEW!!!)
Members want to have a customized profile. This is how MySpace model works. But not all of them want to know anything about CSS or HTML. So let them just draw!

Easy Migration From Other Dating Scripts
Sometimes you need to try a new software to understand if it is better for your business. We have made this process very easy, you can migrate from other dating or community scripts with several clicks. Not only the users will be migrated, but also galery, blogs, mail, groups and events. Currently we support PHPFox and Boonex Dolphin migration.

Free Video Chat (NEW!!!)
You will not have to buy a video chat separately which is about $250 a month. Moreover, you will not have to buy a Flash Server hosting, which is about $100-$150 a month. You will not have to buy Adobe Media Server for your hosting, which costs $6000. You will just have a video chat on your dating site.
Dating Script Messaging

# No monthly fees, comes with the software free
# Fully FLASH-based
# Fast and stable work
# Hosted on a separate powerful dedicated server
# Allows many simultaneous connections

YouTube-like Video Sharing (NEW!!!)
You will be able to start a video-sharing community like YouTube on your site. The user will be able to upload all kinds of movies, they are converted in FLV files and played in an ordinary Flash player. You will not have to buy a Flash Media server or pay any monthly fee. Read More:Dating Software + YouTube?

MySpace and Friendster-like Friends Module
The users will be able to add each other to friends. Also they can invide friends using a form or Yahoo account or a simple CSV-file with email addresses.
Read more: Community Software + MySpace

MySpace and Friendster-like Groups Module
The users will be able to discuss the things that interest them in groups. The one who creates the group is automatically the group administrator, he is able to delete posts and so on.

Funny Flash Postcards Editor (NEW!!!)
Your users will be able send each other postcards. They also can add music. If you want to add new pics or backgrounds you can just upload them into the specific directory on the server.

Three Membership Types
The users will be divided into 3 membership types after the payment. These are Silver, Gold, Platinum. You can assign what the Gold users will be able to do and what the Platinum ones. Free users usually can only browse.

Free VOIP Phone (NEW!!!)
Your users will be able to speak with each other using headsets or USB phones. You do not have to buy a flash server or anything. The sound is much clearer than in ordinary phone conversation.

Flash Chat with Multiple Rooms (NEW!!!)
You will not have to buy a Flash chat separately. Our Flash chat is the same as Userplane's or Flashcoms's but ABSOLUTELY free, if bought together with AbleDating! So you save $250.

# Fully FLASH-based (the page does not reload, so the server is not overloaded)
# Unlimited number of chat rooms are created by administrator
# Users can be banned and not allowed to chat
# A lot of settings (text color, system messages color, etc.)
# History is saved and can be viewed

Fantastic & Unique Flash Games (NEW!!!)
The members will be able to play nicely drawn and programmed Flash games! All Flash games are unique, the are made by our artists and programmers. The games are for two people, for example John is in the USA and Maria is in Russia. And they play Love Tree.

Romantic 3D Chat on the Site (NEW!!!)
Don't know how to make your clients come back again and again? Maybe create a chat for them? No, everybody is used to chatting. Every day. Nothing so special. What about a funny 3D Chat? Our investigations show that it is the most used feature and the most interesting one for the visitors!

# Give your members some pleasure, and they will come to you again! Unlimited number of chat rooms
# 3D scenery (nature, swimming pools, bars)
# Unlimited number of avatars
# Good-looking and merry chatters
# Pleasant atmosphere of a real conversation

The "faces" are chosen in the profile settings. The nick in the chat is the login name of the member.

Greeting Recording (NEW!!!)
Users can record their audio greetings using ordinary mic. While browsing profiles it is very interesting also to listen to the user speak.

Fully AJAX-Based Software (NEW!!!)
There are 2,500,000 cities in the database. When choosing your location, it would take ages to reload the page after selecting a country for example. But the use of AJAX technology makes the process fast and easy, the page does not reload at all. The same can be said about the Instant Messenger, the Romantic 3D Chat. This makes the work with the site very easy and pleasant. Your customers will be grateful to you for this!

Classified Ads Module(NEW!!!)
Each community site has classifieds module. Your members will be able to leave ads and find buyers for their services or products.

Couples' Profiles (NEW!!!)
Member's can unite in couples. It is a very usual and necessary feature in the modern dating and community world.

Hot-or-Not Rating
Users can vote for each other on the site. There are several gradations of "beauty" so that each member could be evaluated correctly.

Hot or Not

Powerful Forum Included (NEW!!!)
You can switch the forum on if you like. If you want to make your site closer to MySpace model, you can switch the forum on. You will be able to create specific forums and topics in administration panel. All users will create topics and posts using their own usernames.

Powerful Photo Gallery
Users can create their albums and galleries. Descriptions and titles can be added on-the-fly using the Ajax programming technology.

Love Calculator (NEW!!!)
Users will be able to calculate their love factor. The program looks at the letters present in the name and uses a special algorythm to calculate love factor between two names. Sometimes even this matters!

Template Based Design & Layout
# You can change the whole design in less than 5 seconds! Just choose the template you like in the administrator panel. Our gallery of templates is constantly growing. You can also create your own unique template! Unlimited number of templates
# Everything can be changed, removed, added and so on
# Languages are edited separately from templates

Free Installation
We perform the installation of the dating software free of charge. An installation includes the uploading of the necessary files, the population of the MySQL database, the setup of the appropriate file permissions, the connection to the payment processor.

Easy-to-use Installation System
If you want to handle the installation of the script yourself, it is very easy. AbleDating has an easy-to-use installation interface. Just follow the instructions on the screen. You will be prompted what to do. The installation consists of 5 steps.
Dating Script Installation

Powerful Affiliate System
When your customer joins the personals site, your affiliate ID is associated with their profile forever. Commissions tracking routine and security tools.

Search and Featured Members Modules (NEW!!!)
You can switch them on and off and see what brings more profit! Just check the boxes in the administration panel. The modules can be switched on separately. The modules are transparent, glassy. They appear above the page, so everything can be seen through the panels. Besides they drop shadow. Looks good

On-the-fly Photo Auto Scaling
You don't need to have additional staff to cut and edit photos sent to the site by your customers through the dating scipt. Each photo will have a watermark (i.e.

Messenger with Storing System (NEW!!!)
Your personals site will have an easy-to-use messenger just like ICQ or Yahoo Messenger. All the messages are kept in the database of our personals script.
Dating Script Messenger

Powerful Mailbox
# The mailbox has all the folders needed for easy communication between members: Inbox, Sent, Deleted, Drafts etc. The interface in our dating software looks like Yahoo Mail's or Gmail's. You may add your own folders
# Inbox, sent, trash folders
# Unlimited number of messages

Detailed Site Statistics
Understanding website traffic and visitor clickstream behavior is crucial to managing a dating website on a daily basis.

Advanced Search
Search for online members, communicating in IM members, etc.

Upgrades by our Specialists
If you need some additional features in your dating script, feel free to ask us. We will try to do our best and add the needed functionality depending on our programmers' development schedule, the fee will be not high.

Unique e-mails verification
Each new member is checked before he/she is added to the database. All the e-mail addresses must be unique (as in any dating software).

Banners rotation system with admin tab
You can advertise on your dating site and upload different banners through the administration panel of the personals software.
Dating Script Banners
Dating Script Banners

"Online/Offline" user status
Each user can see if the one he found with the help of the Search is online or not. This is important if a person wants to start a live chat.

Free trial membership
Admin possibility to set up the period length and conditions. For instance, a member will not be able to send messages until he pays.

E-mail notifications
Each time something important happens, the member gets an email notification from our dating script.

Newsletter system
A member can subscribe to your newsletter. Thus he will get all important information from you.

Easy text, code, graphics modification
The administrator is able to correct and edit all the information on the matchmaking site without the need to ask for a professional's help.

Favorites List
If a member likes someone he can add him/her to Favorites with a single click. Later he may delete it or move to ignore list.

Essay (extended "About me" section)
If a new member wants to be noticed, he can write a description of his/her character, likes and dislikes, etc.

Convenient browsing interface for profiles
It is very easy for members to find love here. Everything in the personals script was done to make the process as simple as possible.

Secure payment gateway integration
Our dating script is preconfigured to work with some of the payment systems. We integrate it with 1 payment system you choose for a small fee.
Dating Script Payment

Manual / Auto approval for members
You can configure the dating software so that the new profiles can be added to it automatically or you may want to check them before that.

Configure billing fees
You can configure the membership fees and the affiliate payments too.

Configure all outgoing emails
You can configure all outgoing emails and write any text, add tables, HTML, etc using the dating script.

Search for members in admin
You can search for members in the admin CP of the matchmaking software using different criteria: is he or she a paid member, etc.

Add/edit/remove members
You can add, edit or remove any member at any time or just suspend his/her membership.

Video Files Upload
The user can upload his/her own video presentation in our personals software. The maximum filesize is configured by the admin. Usually it is 5 MB.

Audio Files Upload
The user can upload his/her own audio presentation too. The maximum filesize is configured by admin. Usually it is 5 MB.

Advanced MP3 Player
There is a special easy-to-use Flash MP3 player. The member can upload his/her favourite music tracks to demonstrate his/her music tastes or his/her own speech.

Dating Script Player

2,500,000 Cities in the Database
This huge database will help your users locate themselves wherever they live. It covers all even small cities on Earth.

Unlimited Number of Languages
You can use as many languages as you want. In order to add a language to our dating software, you just create one in the admin panel and fill in the words and expressions. Dating Software Languages

Ability to give free access to any user
You can disable the "Upgrade" button for any user. In this case he will have all the paid features not knowing that somebody has to pay for it. Use this function for you friends!

Saved Searches Management
The member can save and edit his/her searches. For example, he is interested in ladies from 18 to 23 years old, from Belize, from the city Baldy Beacon, height 160 to 165 cm, interested in music, with photo, born one of these days, slender, social drinker, with blond hair. He can enter this every time, or he can just save this search as "My favourite lady" and start searching with only one click.

99% Open Source Software
AbleDating comes to you completely open-source. You will be able to modify the design, add new features, do whatever you like with it. The code is written simply and logically, you or your programmers will have no difficulties understanding it. Only several files related to the license are encoded. It does not interfere with script modification.

E-mails and Phone Numbers Filtered
A lot of users always try to give their e-mails and numbers in a private message. This of course makes the dating business rather difficult, because the members will not visit the site any more. AbleDating will help you to prevent this, cutting out all the emails and phone numbers.

Personal Blogs (NEW!!!)
Users can write to their personal blogs. Moreover, they can subsribe to personal blogs of their friends, to see what is new in their lives. It is made like a diary, like LiveJournal or blog on AdultFriendFinder. The blogs you subsribed to are listed on your blog page.

One-Click Accessibility
All major functions are visible from the home page of the member. It makes the work with the site extremely simple and seamless, all functions are always at hand. The member will not have to surf the site in order to find video upload or whatsoever.

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